A Thousand Words… Spread Love

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” ― Mother Teresa

Family Connection

I’m so glad that my blog circle chose this quote. It reminds me of what mother always told me, “Leave this world better than you found it.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all made it a priority to bring everyone happiness? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was as easy as it sounds? Spreading love takes commitment and more importantly, a willingness to be vulnerable. It is easier to spread love within your family, but what about everywhere you go?

I have been trying to incorporate Mother Teresa’s words into my daily life. Halfway through each day I often realize that I have been busy worrying about my problems and the things I need to get done. I haven’t been making an effort to bring happiness to the cashier at The Fresh Market or the teller at the credit union. I am always quick with a smile, thank you, and have a nice day. These pleasantries are nice, but do they really spread love? I think they are pretty neutral. My goal for November is to take time to get to know these people that I casually see on a weekly basis. 

That brings me to the next challenge, being vulnerable. Spreading love means being who you really are with other people–not an easy thing to do. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend Brene Brown’s Ted Talk. Her thing is that “connection is why we are here.” She explains why we keep our love to ourselves and why it is so important to spread it instead. I think I need to listen to it every day?.

Continue on  to Emily’s incredibly beautiful blog and see her photograph interpreting this quote.

I hope you have a wonderful week! I am spreading my love your way.


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  1. What a gorgeous interpretation of the quote! And I whole-heartedly agree with you, it’s always easy to be polite, but is it really spreading kindness? I’m going to join in on your challenge to really go past the pleasantries and get to know people! <3

  2. What a beautiful post! I love how you are taking this quote to heart. It sounds like you are already doing that, but taking it one step further going forward. That’s very inspiring!

  3. I LOVE your words and your photo. Very inspiring.

  4. Thanks so much Emily and Eileen. I was a little nervous about being so serious, but the quote seemed serious. I’m glad it was well received.

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