Call me Chris. I am a wife, mother, and photographer living in Aiken, South Carolina. Like you, I make decisions every day in hopes of giving my family their best life from nutrition to entertainment, art and education. One gift that has enhanced our lives greatly is my ability to fill our walls with pictures of our lives. My family sees reminders of trips to the beach, vacations with grandparents and walks in the woods. As my boys got older and started forgetting things about their preschool and early elementary years, the photographs on the walls helped them remember who the are and where they come from.

As a photographer, I know how difficult it can be to connect with customers, that is why I partnered with Susanna King to create Flourish Media. We help local businesses connect with their community through their online presence-social media and websites. View my work here. If you need a new headshot, personal branding images or content images to share on social media give me a call 803-443-8526.

My photography journey began when I was in middle school and my step-father brought home some used darkroom equipment. I have been at it ever since. Although I have dabbled in landscapes and macro photography, I am really only happy photographing people. Over the years I have seen the positive impact photographs have on families and individuals. Photographs tell the stories of our childhood and family. Talented professionals don’t just make images, but they make art that enhances your family bonds and self esteem. There is nothing like a print on your wall providing a daily reminder of the amazing family you have created.

Clients often remark that I am great with children and that I have a very calm and patient nature.

My Family: