Documentary Family Photography

  • Father and son talking over the breakfast table

What is documentary photography? 

If you want authentic and beautiful photos of your family and your life, documentary photography is for you. A documentary photographer will photograph your life just the way it is. In my documentary sessions I follow the rules of photojournalism. I do not direct, pose, move objects or change lighting. I use my camera settings, lenses, positioning and timing to compose images of your family being your family. 

Benefits of Documentary Family Photography:

  1. No prep. I actually prefer to show up before the kids are out of bed so I can capture their sleepy faces. No worries about outfits and hair brushing. That is all part of the shoot.
  2. No worries about behavior. Part of the fun is capturing your children being naughty. Those are the images you will cherish when they are grown. Let life unfold as if I’m not there and I will capture the moments for you.
  3. Just be yourselves. That is all I need to make magical images.

How does it work?

I will hang out with your family for at least 6 hours capturing images of what you do and how you do it. I will chat with you and make you and your children feel comfortable in front of the camera. If you have a soccer game scheduled, I will go with you.

After I capture hundreds of images from the day, I will cull and edit my favorite 60+ images depending on how long the shoot lasted. Then I will take twenty of those images to create really special artisan edits. We will meet at The Studio on Laurens to see the results and order your album and wall portraits. It is that easy.

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