Photographs from New Hampshire

Memories... I grew up rowing around Little Bay in New Hampshire in a boat like this.
I grew up calling this a dinghy. My grandfather had a white one and the inside was painted blue. I remember learning to row on it. It was lost during a storm about ten years ago. I wish I had a picture of it.

We are back from a wonderful visit with my father and step mother. They live in a small town near Portsmouth, New Hampshire. My mother lived in near Portsmouth when she was a teenager. I grew up coming to this area to visit grandparents. My mother’s parents continued to live in the area and my father’s parents lived in Connecticut, but had a “camp” in New Hampshire that we would visit in the summer. When they retired, they upgraded the camp and moved in. Now my father lives in that house.

Pictures of childhood. Alex will always have this beautiful image to remind him of his times in New Hampshire.
Alex will always have this beautiful reminder of his trips to visit Grandpa and Grandma.

My sister, Tracy, and her son flew in from the west coast so we could be together. Alex and my nephew went fishing with the neighbors on the bridge just outside of downtown Portsmouth.

While they were fishing, David and I took pictures and Charles helped to lug our gear. This shot is the view from the bridge where the boys were fishing.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
I am so glad my children have been able to experience their New England roots even though we live so far away in Aiken, South Carolina.


The bridge is up to let the sailboat through.

The old naval prison. It is part of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery Maine. According to Wikipedia and the Portsmouth visitor’s bureau, it was erected in 1908 and was modeled after Alcatraz, on an island surrounded by tidal currants. It was retired in the 1970’s when it was deemed to expensive to repair. The scary guy in the boat is a fisherman wearing a hoodie.


Hope you enjoyed my vacation photos. You really should visit the Portsmouth area. It is incredibly beautiful and has a great arts scene.

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